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Greenkeepers 4-stage treatment programme is finely balanced to ensure your lawn gets the right food, at the right time, throughout the year. Your local Greenkeepers expert will tailor our specific solution to your lawn's exact requirements to give the maximum benefit from each treatment.

A specialised liquid weedkiller targeting unsightly broad-leaved weeds, such as daisies, dandelions, buttercups and clover. This is complemented by Nitrogen rich fertiliser, which triggers healthy root development and produces a lush green sward.
A prescribed liquid weedkiller tailored to eliminate more resilient weeds. This is accompanied by controlled release fertiliser containing water-soluble nutrients that diffuse gradually within the root zone for maximum effect.
Mini-granular compound fertiliser specially coated for the prevailing weather conditions is applied. Additionally the third part of the weed management programme focuses on persistent weeds.
The fine particles of this micro-granular
formulation contain both a strong mosskilling ingredient and turf tonic. This is a particularly important treatment for this time of year as it suppresses moss whilst providing rapid

These Four Applications are a composite programme relating to each other in terms of seasonal variations. You can start the programme at anytime,
there is no need to wait until spring.

Lawn experts agree that lawns should be Aerated and Scarified at least once a year ...
We highly recommend our winter operations as part of good lawn culture.
Thatch and compaction are the main causes of moss and disease.
In order to remove or reduce these problems we will recommend on an individual basis one or more of the following:

hollow tine aeration
The use of specially imported machines to remove cigar like cores, allows the lawn to breathe, reduces compaction and allows nutrients to penetrate to the root zone. Additionally we may recommend the casting of special topdressing to improve the quality of poor soil. This is a routine operation for professional greenkeepers often neglected on domestic lawns.

slit tine scarification
This process involves operating a scarifying/dethatching machine, which powerfully combs out thatch and organic refuse - the environment in which moss thrives. Where a heavy moss infestation is evident we may combine this with an additional application of mosskiller.

top dressing & Overseeding
This involves dressing the lawns with a professional formula of Peat, Loam and Sand, to refresh the soil. Additionally this will improve drainage, enhance root growth, and help lock in fertiliser at the root zone. We can incorporate a dressing of lawn seed, suitable to blend with your current grass mix, to thicken the grass swardand strengthen the plant.

Pest control
Application of professional high strength pesticides to tackle pests such as Leatherjackets, Chafer Grubs and Frit Fly, which can decimate a lawn. These treatments are not available for purchase by the public and can only be used by licenced operatives such as ourselves.

Fungicide Treatments
Liquid treatment to tackle disease and fungus in lawns. These problems generally stem from underlying issues related to the culture within the lawn, but they still may be resolved with the use of a Fungicide where nescessary.